Daddy’s Girl

Daddy’s Girl
So why do I hurt him?
I don’t intend to..
Just don’t think about the consequences of what I do.

My dad’s always there,
picks me up when I fall or break,
he tucks me in when I sleep.
So, God, why do I keep making my Dad weep?

I want to change,
to make him happy
and to make him proud.
No more stress or worry –
He’ll know I’m safe and sound.

Dad, I’m so sorry,
I really do love you.
I know I make you tired out,
stressed and ill.
I’m terrified my behaviour, could ..I can’t say it ….. even kill!

I want you here
but not to need you.
No more dependence.
But a life without my dad around me,
I don’t want to think how that life would be.