Feeling Safe

The Feeling Safe Project seeks to increase young women’s resilience against sexual exploitation, gaining knowledge, skills and confidence in feeling safe.

Women aged 18-24 are supported to recognise sexual exploitation, identify risks and seek help when needed. Sexual exploitation does not simply stop because a young person reaches their 18th birthday and the impact of such abuse can reverberate into adulthood. Research from women caught up in sex work reveals that over half (some figures suggest up to 75%) were sexually exploited before their 18th birthday (Paying the Price: The Home Office, 2004).

Within our Feeling Safe Project, Kairos offers workshops and Peer Support, using our bespoke programme ‘Feeling Safe: Knowing Me & Knowing You’. This programme was developed in 2014 with funding from the Police & Crime Commissioner’s Victim Capacity Fund. The course aims to build self-esteem and assertiveness in relation to feeling safe. Each creative and interactive session focuses on a different topic; these include relationships, consent, recognising signs of abuse, grooming and sexual exploitation. The ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ programme has led to wider educational work and training opportunities with youth groups and partner agencies.

The ‘Feeling Safe’ project has been running since 2012 where it developed organically out of a need within the city and a partnership with The Children’s Society. This partnership highlighted the lack of specialist support for victims of CSE who were aged 18 or over and no longer eligible for children’s services. Our commitment to supporting adult victims of sexual exploitation has led to KairosWWT being the only service in the city offering specialist support to young women aged between 18-24 years affected by child sexual exploitation.

In addition to fortnightly support group sessions, the Feeling Safe project also runs a summer programme of activities including horse therapy. Last year, 89% of the young women in the project reported improved mental and emotional health as a result of participating in the Feeling Safe programme.

£10 helps pay for a young woman to learn about the risks of grooming and how to keep herself safe. You can give a gift here today.

We are very grateful to the Heart of England Community Foundation who support the Feeling Safe project.

Session 3 - On horse